5 Main Types of Typography and Their Stories

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5 Main Types of Typography and Their Stories

Just like colors, typeface also evokes immense emotional impact on people. Choosing the right typeface is a bit tricky for it will determine how your blog or website is interpreted. Typography, being one of the most important elements of design is defined as the appearance and style of the text. It is about how you arrange the letters, how you make it look aesthetic and engaging, how it peeks the interest of the right audience and build a resilient branding that makes you stand out from the rest. This is why some designers, work very thoroughly in terms of choosing typefaces.
A good design can’t be considered as good if typography was overlooked. Who would want to stay at a website whose typeface choice is unpleasant and doesn’t look appealing to the eye? The answer? No one. Keep in mind that typography also contributes to the marketing strategy of a website or blog. So if you use an appropriate typeface for your website or blog along with a remarkable content, expect people that they will look forward what will your next post be. Below is the list of the main types of typography and discover how they affect reader’s emotion:


These are the oldest and most standard typefaces among the main types of typography. Compared to sans serif, this typeface has feet like form which becomes a good choice once used in printed works such as newspapers and books. This typeface distinctiveness makes it legible to and at the same time brings the mood of tradition, respect, comfort, and reliability. Common serif typefaces we know off include Times New Roman, Baskerville, Garamond, and Georgia.

Sans Serif

While serif typeface has feet, sans-serif (wherein sans serif means “without serifs”) on the other hand, lacks the embellishments and feet that the serif owns. It stirs up the emotions of cleanliness, modernization, objectivity, and stability from the audience that’s why it is appropriate to use on websites for makeup brands, web documents, and blogs. However, different weights of this typeface can display various ambiances. For example, thick sans serifs create strength and masculinity while thin sans serif pose the feeling of sleekness. Sans serif typefaces example are Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Open Sans, Montserrat, and Calibri.


Script typefaces as the name implies, bear a resemblance to a handwriting. It often provides the mood of elegance, creativity as well as a girlish aura. This typeface is best to use on wedding invitations, posters, logos, and restaurant menus. Though script typefaces are lovely, it is not recommended to use on body text of print-outs and web documents. Some of the well-known script typefaces that we know off include Brush Script, Lucida Calligraphy, Mistral, and Monotype Corsiva.


Modern typeface gives off the strong, progressive, stylish and chic aura. It is characterized by the strong vertical stress and can be identified by its thin, long horizontal serifs. Developed in the 19th century, modern typefaces were used on newspapers. Example of modern typefaces are Bodoni, Futura, and Latin Modern.


Expressive, unique, friendly, amusing, display typefaces are the most stylized fonts among these five. It is best to use on logos and children-themed websites and party posters. Despite the fact that most styles of this typeface are too complicated and decorative, there are some which are actually good to use as headers and titles. Examples of display typefaces include Cooper, Giddyup, Scribble Box and Valencia.

Choosing the right typeface can lead to happy endings too…

Just like us, typefaces have their own place and role to achieve in the world of design. They can also be a writer whose stories may catch the attention of his readers because of its plot. It is just a matter of correct selection, when and where they will be used and what other typefaces might fit with them when combined. Just remember to contemplate first before actually using a font to your design to avoid any irregularities and mistakes. And when you choose the right typefaces for your work, I am pretty sure that you can have a favorable ending to look forward to. Happy designing everyone!